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Rotascope Rigid Borescopes – Ø 4~10 mm

Rotascope rigid borescopes are a versatile inspection tool for a wide range of demanding applications.
HSW rotascopes feature precision lenses, prisms and cover-glasses which deliver bright, clear images. The use of a special penta-prism at the tip ensures the image is upright and side right without the need for a compensating dove-prism. Special attention has been paid in the optical design to maximising transmission and hence image brightness. The on-axis resolution at the image centre is held as high as possible towards the edge of the field of view. This uniform, flat field enables the smallest defects to be seen anywhere in the field of view greatly reducing user eye-strain. By bringing the illumination fibres into close proximity to the viewing window at the distal tip in a “wrap-around” arrangement, the parallax present between illumination and optical fields is virtually eliminated. This reduces the closest illuminated viewing distance considerably. All HSW borescopes are designed to correctly illuminate the entire field of view, right down to their minimum focussing distance.
The series Rotascope rigid borescopes are manufactured following triple tube protection technology and rotating rod for a great robustness of the useful part and flexibility while maintaining an exceptional image quality.
These means of quality inspection are completed with accessories such as cold lights sources, objectives interfaces, cameras CCD, LCDs or monitors video, archiving...

Technical characteristics
  • outer tube and stainless steel optical cable connection
  • anodized aluminium body
  • 340 ° rotary scanning without moving the body of the borescope. A positive stop is built into the body to prevent over-rotation of the lighting fibres
  • vieuwing direction indicator
  • entry of the optical cable with cone condenser glass giving 30% of light in addition to the end
  • light-guide fitting adaptable to light cables of various brands
  • eyepiece with a standard outside diameter of DIN/ISO 32 mm for easy connection of accessories, such as the cameras of most manufacturers
  • construction with 3 concentric tube type. The lenses are protected by 3 tubular stainless steel sheaths: exterior, Interior and tube system. This design allows disassembly of the outer tube or tube system for repair
  • large depth of field with focus by rotating a ring
  • endoscope resistant to fuels, oil, most standard industrial solvents and water
  • operating temperature:-40 ° C to + 121 ° C
  • resistance to pressure: 3 bars
Range of models
  • diameter: 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 8 and 10 mm
  • effective lengths: 155~2.075 mm depending on diameter
  • directions of observation: 0 °, 45 °, 70 °, 90 ° or 110 °
  • field of vision: 35 °, 56 °, 60 °, 70 °, or 90 °
  • accessories: light sources, angular reference, photo and camera adapter