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Marking kits number

Pryor's 54 Piece Number Marking Kit offers an easy and affordable way to apply dates, serial numbers, part numbers or codes to components and products. The kit contains all the elements required to permanently indent by hand and hammer on a range of materials including metal and plastic up to a maximum hardness of 37 Rockwell C. Sharp Faced engraving style to produce clear positive impressions

Set comprises
  • 4 Sets of 0-9
  • 1 off each character B N P S
  • 2 off Oblique  (/)
  • 1 off each Hyphen (-) Full Stop (.)
  • 4 Spacer pieces for non-marking positions
  • Single row hand holder
  • Allen wrench (hex key)
Supplied in compact plastic case for easy storage.

Available in 4 character heights: 1.5/3/4/5 mm

Ability to complete with standard characters