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Industrial furnaces

We deliver industrial fan assisted and natural convection ovens designed and fabricated to specific customer requirements. Heat is provided via high quality mineral insulated, metal sheathed elements. All our fan assisted ovens come with a stainless steel chamber. Our industrial ovens are available with a continuous operating temperature of up to 750°C . We are able to provide 9 point UKAS accreditation to AMS 2750D at customer request.

Ultra ‘high grade’ insulation materials are used to ensure our furnaces are as energy efficient as possible.

Independent over-temperature protection is available as an option, using a digital alarm working from a separate thermocouple, safeguarding both the oven or any oven contents from over-heat damage at any temperature.

Our ovens are supported by a wide range of equipment and extras such as RS 232, RS 485 comms, digital controllers, programmers, recorders, crucibles, tongs, work baskets, multiple heated zones and furnace tables.

We design and build in house so if you have a bespoke requirement please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our in-house experts and CAD design team are on hand to assist you and will complete your project through consultancy, design, manufacture, installation and ongoing support.