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Saw setting dial gage

  • The benefits of having a properly set saw for all sawing jobs are well known. By using a saw adjustment dial gauge, any assembly specified for different types of wood can be accurately maintained thus ensuring maximum output and efficient workmanship.
  • There are 4 models of contact points to choose from (standard flat feeler Ø 10 mm, pointed feeler, spherical feeler or flat Ø 4.8 mm). Each model of Kafer Saw Setting Dial Gauge, will ensure your blades tips are both centered properly on the blade body when re-tipping and is perfect for checking the tangential and radial side clearance (side grinding) within the desired tolerances. Furthermore, you can also use it for checking the tooth set on steel circular saw blades and hand held saws. Please note that the contact points are not interchangeable.
  • By placing the dial gauge on the saw blade, the flatness of the blade can easily be measured. With the comparator you can also measure the height difference between the tooth and the saw blade. This principle of measuring the difference in thickness / height is not only suitable for saw blades but also for other applications.
  • The method of measuring could not be simpler. The Gauge is laid on the saw blade so that the sprung tracer touches the cutting edges of the saw. The pointer gives instant reading of the measurement. As the Gauge has a dial on both sides, it can be used either left or right handed.
  • On request, dial gauges for saw adjustment are also available with a reading of 0.01 mm instead of 0.1 mm.