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In preparation, look at Sonorex products from Bandelin

The absolute brand in ultrasonic cleaning baths is Sonorex. All ultrasonic baths have a particularly powerful ultrasonic frequency of 35 kHz, ultrasonic power and continuous operating mode. This makes this brand of cleaning ultrasonic baths adequate for difficult and intensive cleaning by ultrasound. With fewer openings in the enclosure (for cooling) these baths are less sensitive to moisture than cheaper brands. We can deliver all models in the series Super, Digitec and Longlife and send you a personalized no obligation offer.    

General characteristics of laboratory models:
- content: 0.9 up to 90 liters
- lid and basket to be ordered separately, also the heater
- control: analog or digital
- use: baths are suitable for intensive and continuous use
- manufacturing: entirely in stainless steel
- marking 'CE'