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Diamond disc XDMB/XDRB

The XDMB/XDRB are pre-polishing diamond disks with a high removal rate and is suitable for very hard materials as carbides and ceramics.

  • economic version, usable for both manual and automatic polishing
  • semi-rigid woven support made of synthetic fibers with adhesive back (requires an aluminum disc or a metal support XPS)
  • islands of diamond with optimized geometry with a metallic binder for roughing or resin for finishing.
  • usable under water on all polishers.
  • diameter standard 200/250/300 mm.  
  • grain size XDMB: 250/125/75/40/20 µm, bonded metal.  
  • grain size XDRB: 30/10 µm, binder resin (linking more tender, less heating, lower pressure).

Also available with metallic backing for magnetic applications, ask for prices.