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Hardnesstester WEBSTER

Applications for Webster Hardness Testers are:
  • Identifies heat-treated from nonheat-treated parts.
  • Provides correlation between a bench mounted hardness tester and the production line.
  • Segregates materials in stock.
  • Differentiates between soft or work-hardened material.
  • Identifies parts made from improper or substandard alloys.
  • Checks for proper heat-treatment response.
  • Useful in conjunction with stationary laboratory hardness testers. Gives a rapid 100% check on parts which would consume many man hours with slower operating test equipment.
  • Can be used on assemblies that cannot be brought to the labs.

Webster Hardness Testers Feature:
  • One hand operation and portability.
  • Round 9,5 mm / 3/8 inch diameter anvil permits testing a great variety of shapes.
  • Simple operation permits readings independent of the operator's skill.
  • Test is made by simply applying pressure to the handles until "bottom" is felt.
  • Easy-to-read dial indicator with 20 graduations permits use of the tester as "go" and "no-go" gauge.
  • Standard hardness gauge tests materials up to 6,35 mm/1/4 inch in thickness.
  • Increased capacities available up to 25,4 mm / 1 inch.