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Moisture analysers

Moisture analysing is an integral part of production and processing many raw and finished products and has a crucial impact on the quality of the product.

Moisture analysers are used particularly in the food industry, water resource management (sewage plants, etc.), plastics industry, agriculture and the energy industry (bio-energy plants, etc.).

Determining moisture requires a great deal of experience.

Depending on the type of sample and the task involved, various drying processes are used.
KERN has concentrated on the most widely-used drying method: halogen drying, which brings many advantages:
  • sample is evenly warmed from above, without risk of burning the sample surface
  • affordable purchase costs ensure rapid amortisation of the device
  • most common temperature ranges from 35 – 200 °C
  • high measuring precision, up to 0.01 %
  • sufficient buffer capacity, weighing range up to 160 g
  • various drying programs (gentle drying, standard drying, gradual drying, rapid drying (Boost))

The numerous memories of the KERN moisture analyser are particularly useful, as they hold information on the complete drying processes with drying parameters such as drying time, drying period, drying temperature, display settings, switch off criteria, etc. This saves an enormous amount of time and helps to achieve repeatable results.

On the internet, you will find a practical application handbook containing many examples, field reports, settings and tips for each KERN moisture analyser.