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Marking press

We supplies a range of manual and pneumatic Percussion Impact Presses. These are ideal for use with a Auto or Manual Number Marking Head when marking serialisation numbers, with a custom manufactured Flymark or Steel Type and Press Holder when marking either a fixed or completely changeable inscription.
We supply 3 ranges of press with , for each range, 3 marking capacity:
  • manually operated impact press range
  • pneumatically operated impact press range
  • integrated pneumatic impact press range

Marking is achieved by compressing and releasing a spring loaded ram which can easily be adjusted to alter the marking force.
Pneumatically powered bench mounted Presses work on the same principles as hand operated presses, but with the addition of an air cylinder to actuate the ram. All integrator presses are pneumatically operated.

Increase Operator Safety
Impact preses are ideal for medium output and help to reduce worker exhaustion associated with hand and hammer marking tools. Presses are easy and safe to use on either regular or irregular workpieces. Bench-mounted presses have a large T-slotted worktable to enable easy fitting of workholding fixtures.

Pneumatic Operation Presses
Pneumatic presses (PB models) are supplied with a foot actuation pedal and some pipework, simply attach to an on-site air cylinder of compressor.
A detachable hand lever also gives the option of manual operation if required. Actuation by foot pedal makes the Press less physically demanding on the operator compared to a Hand Operated Press.
Pneumatic presses are supplied unguarded and it is the responsibility of the end user to supply and fit guarding to conform to local Health & Safety regulations.

Integrator Presses
Integrator Presses (PCR models) are compact and versatile and the ideal solution for fitting into automated production lines and machines. The PF flange mounting design has the benefit of a removable hand lever for manual operation, if required, plus the air cylinder to actuate the ram.
The PCR centre ram design consists of a co-axial module and provides the maximum power in the smallest space. The unit can be mounted in any direction using the four mounting holes.
Securely fix to a supporting structure in relation to the item to be marked. During installation, the operator must ensure the unit is not subjected to vibration or movement.

Maximum Force Output Guide
Hand Operated Benchtop Press (M Models)
0 - 500 Kg
0 - 3000 Kg
0 - 6500 Kg
Pneumatically Powered Benchtop Press (PB Models)
0 - 600 Kg
0 - 3500 Kg
0 - 7500 Kg
Powered Integrator Presses - Center Ram Series (PCR Models)
0 - 600 Kg
0 - 3500 Kg
0 - 7500 Kg

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