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DAkkS certificate

Calibrated measuring instruments require calibrated testing equipment.
  • For scales these are calibrated test weights, also known as "Normal".
  • Test weights must be recalibrated periodically depending on frequency of use. This will ensure that they can withstand the demands of a reliable functioning test equipment.
  • Recalibration time depends of the frequency of use, the conditions of use and your needs in terms of security.
  • The standard specifies no particular recalibration interval. We recommend to recalibrate your test weights with intensive use every 12 months and every 6 months with normal use.

KERN calibrates test weights
  • in all OIML-accuracy classes E1 - M3 and in masses 1 mg - 2500 kg
  • with free nominal value (any weight value)
  • executed in Newton
  • shape indipendent (special constructions)
  • indipendent of brands

Factory calibration at KERN (you send your weights to us)
The procedure here is as follows:
Day 1: Submitting your weights to the KERN calibration laboratory in Balingen.
Day 2 bis 3: Assessment and calibration of your weights by our specialists.
Day 4: After a positive assessment your weights will be returned to you.

Your Advantages
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Fastest turnaround times
    * DAkkS standard: 4 working days
    * DAkkS express service: within 48 hours (details on request)
  • Brand independent calibration
  • KERN also reconditions older customer weights (for example cleaning or readjustment)
  • KERN DAkkS calibrations certificates are valid internationally
  • We monitor your recalibration periods
  • If desired pick up and delivery service by our courier
  • Advanced calibration methodology with robot-operated comparators allow accurate calibration and fast turnaround
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