Attention, shelf life of the liquid limited to ± 6 months at room temperature, refrigerated storage at 4 ° C recommended.

With Demotec 15 plus the first time it could be realised to develop a cold embedding resin that does not shrink but expands during the polymerisation.
This unique characteristic could be achieved by a special combination of material and the utilisation of new ingredients. So we created ideal preconditions to embed metallographic samples securely and reproducible, independent from their shape or size - gap-free.
As a modern 2-component-resin, Demotec 15 plus can be handled easily, it polymerises fast, it is very resistant against abrasion and it's adhesion is excellent to the embedded samples.

Special characteristics
  • resin expands during the polymerisation
  • gap-free embeddings, independent from size or geometry of the samples
  • excellent adhesion
  • improved flow properties
  • very resistant against abrasion
  • easy to mix for a powder-liquid-system
  • can be grinded and polished very well
  • optimal flowability, infiltrates even fine cracks and gaps
  • colour: blue-opaque
  • curing time: approx. 12 min.