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Quick preparation

XMID is a pre-polishing disk with a unique system of material removal. It can be used with materials of hardness > 130 HV which replaces up to several steps on abrasive paper of semi finishing (P320 at P1200) by a single step. XMID guarantees a high material removal rate, a perfect optimal flatness and sharpness of the edges. After a step on XMID, samples are ready for polishing. XMID need practically no maintenance and is easy to use. XMID is intended for use with magnetic supporting disc or FIX system and diamond suspensions 15, 9 or 6.1.

The composite is made up of a mixture of hard and soft material: on hard surfaces, diamond grain roll and thus abrade the surface of the sample => flatness and very good surface finish. On the other hand, grains are crimped into tender surfaces and polish the surface of the sample => high speed polishing. When diamond grain is worn, the stress on the grain becomes more important and grain is ripped and rolls again on the surface. The result in one step the equivalent of several papers with a very good flatness steps. The use of diamond suspension XM25 or XP35 is recommended with XMID.

XMID preparation can be limited in general to 3-5 min, and samples should only be prepared with grit P80 to P220 (abrasive paper, XLAP, XDMB) before using XMID. If the previous preparation stage was XLAP or XDMB, the polishing  timeon XMID can usually be reduced, due to the high flatness generated by XLAP or XDMB.