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Colloïdal suspension

Colloidal suspensions XA05, XA06, XA15 & XA10 with anti-crystallization agent are suitable in general for super finishing of samples like copper, titanium, as well as samples with thin films. After polishing with diamond 3 um on cloth, just polish the samples on a cloth X100 fabric with XAxx suspension for 2 min. This suspension can be diluted up to 7 times in water. Rinse well samples and cloth with water after the operation.

The anti-crystallization agent is a novelty in this type of product with the advantages:
- delay the drying.
- eliminate the phenomena of recrystallization = > very long shelf life and cleaning cloth less critical.
- easy cleaning.

- the most used colloidal suspension is the XA05. It has a basic pH (9.8 ~ 10), is based on a grain size of 0.05 µm and is suitable for most materials, particularly composites and alloys that have different hardnesses.
- the colloidal suspension XA15 has a basic pH (9.8 ~ 10.2), is based on a grain size of 0,15 µm, is colored pink and is more aggressive. It is suitable for most materials, titanium and titanium alloys.
- colloidal suspension XA10 has an acid pH (± 3.5), is based on a grain size of 0,10 µm, is colored green and is suitable for the super finishing of aluminum and aluminum alloys.
- colloidal suspension XA06  is doped with Al2O3 alumina, has a basic pH (9.8~10), is based on a grain size of 0.05 µm and is colored blue. Alumina gives a higher removal rate on ferrous metals, particularly stainless steel.