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Industry 4.0

  • Industry 4.0: these weighing platforms can be easily integrated into your process chain. All recorded values can be easily transferred and processed further in your system as digital data and data that has already been compared using the many interfaces available. This saves cost, time and resources and ensures even more effective working.
  • Connecting the balance with a tablet or PC offers the advantage of being able to use the apps and programs which are on that device. These apps and programs are usually already tailored to your needs, are easy and convenient to use and can often be expanded as needed. This offers you the maximum level of flexibility when displaying, processing and saving the recorded weighing data.
  • Searching and remote control of the balance using external control devices or computers with the KERN Communication Protocol KCP (Standard Interface Command Set). KCP is a standardised interface command structure for KERN balances and other instruments which allows you to recall and manage all relevant parameters and device functions. You can therefore simply connect KERN devices with KCP to computers, industrial control systems and other digital systems