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Portable Laser Marking Machine
The Pryor Portable Laser is an incredibly mobile and versatile making system. This machine provides a quick and easy method for marking large, heavy or  immobile objects that are difficult to mark conventionally. The handheld laser marker is ideal for marking flat metal surfaces and is a great solution for producing, permanent, high contrast and detailed marking.
  • Laser mark large and immobile components
  • Ideal for steel stockholding to safely mark batch numbers, dates and steel grade information
  • Available on a manipulator for production line integration, with custom clamping options
  • Produces marks very fast, adding efficiency to your marking process
  • Range of marking areas available
Our Portable laser has an unmatched level of safety, combining a specially designed rubberised mask, 4x inbuilt contact sensors and vacuum sensor checking.
This three tier safety system ensures the marker is only operable when all conditions have been met. These elements mean we can classify our Portable Laser as a Class 1 laser safe system.