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Cut-off wheels diamant

Nx-Met cut-off wheels are especially designed for metallographic chainsaws under water producing samples in perfect condition for the next preparation stage.
The wide selection of Nx-Met cut-off wheels enables cutting virtually all materials, without however causing structural change to the wheel or the sample due to an overheating or deformation, thus ensuring maximum durability of the wheels.

Abrasive cutting under water
When cutting, the cut-off wheel is sprayed with coolant in order to avoid thermal damage and to remove debris, for the higher as possible material removal.

Guide for the selection of diamond cut-off wheels

XDLM        Diamond with metal bond suitable for cutting most very hard and brittle materials
       Ceramic, glass, stone
       Hardness > 800 HV

XDLR        Diamant with resin bond for cutting very hard and difficult materials
       Ceramics, sintered carbides
       Carbides, hard materials
       Very fine cutting
       Hardness > 800 HV