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Platform scales

Platform scales – the all-rounder among industrial scales

  • In our range there are portable, affordable entry level models for weighing post or parcels, high-quality models with a high IP protection and type approval for commercial trade applications, up to top level models with touchscreen technology for complex recipe or check weighing applications with relay control – there is the right platform scale for each application.
  • Platform scales benefits are obvious:
    * weighing range from 3 kg – 600 kg
    * robust platform construction for harsh industrial applications
    * versatile, available with stand
    * high overload protection
    * stainless steel weighing plate, shock proof and easy to clean
    * display device can be positioned separately, e.g. wall mounted, on a stand or next to the platform. This guarantees for an always clear view on the display despite bulky items on the scale
    * large selection of platform sizes
  • In order to meet the various requirements of our industrial customers, our platform scales have a large number of practical functions. From counting and recipe functions over data interfaces for connecting scales to a network, PC or printer to the useful battery or recheargable battery operation for mobile use. The function for “Weighing without vibrations” particularly useful for industrial weighing and guarantees stable results even in turbulent locations or when weighing animals – a true all-rounder.
  • The newest development for an even greater level of user-friendliness is the wireless communication between platform and display device, giving the highest level of flexibility weighing at the location of use of installation and read the weight up to 20 m away.
  • Particularly practical: the touchless tare function allows for tarring the scale without having to touch it by using movement sensors which is useful when working with gloves or dirty hands.

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