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Where are Ultrasonic cleaners used?
Ultrasonic cleaners Sonorex are used in professional work environments because they are economical and efficient. Sonorex machines are widely used in medical and dental sector where equipment must respect very strict standards (decision for medical devices according to the European Directive 93/42/EEC). Other market segments where sonorex Ultrasonic cleaners are used include laboratories, veterinarians, gold-and silversmiths,  jewelers, opticians, clockmakers, shipping and marine, tattoo parlors, piercing studios, pedicures, beauty salons, motor business and agriculture mechanization companies (e.g. cleaning of carburetors) and maintenance workshops. Ultrasonic cleaners  are also used in cleaning processes in the industry.
What do ultrasonic vibrations?
Vibrations with frequencies greater than 18 kHz (18000 vibrations per second) are called ultrasonic vibrations. As a result of these vibrations, millions of small vacuum bubbles occur in liquids. During the high pressure phase, this vacuum bubbles implode and they create extremely effective shock waves. This process is called cavitation and it ensures that dirt particles of to clean objects are removed.
What frequency is desired?
Lower frequencies of ca. 20 kHz commonly used in laboratories for breaking of cells (as with the ultrasonic Homogenizers of Sonopuls), produce bubbles with a larger diameter and larger shock waves than the higher frequencies of approx. 35 kHz used for thorough cleaning.  As the cleaning frequency is higher (e.g. 50 kHz) the bubbles will be even smaller and the shock waves will decrease the cavitation operation.  With a 50 kHz cleaner, in order to get the same results as with a 35 kHz cleaner, the cleaning time must be increased significantly.
How works an ultrasonic cleaner?
A HF-generator generate the ultrasonic effect  to the desired frequency in the liquid of the ultrasonic bath. This mechanical vibration is generated by electro-mechanical transducers fixed under or on the side of the tank.
Benefits of ultrasonic cleansing?
Ultrasonic cavitation removes very quickly and thoroughly dirt of objects even from hard-to-reach places such as pores, slots or holes. Ultrasonic cleaning works in minutes and surpasses other cleaning methods in efficiency. Cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner can also ensure that light damage such as small scratches are avoided.

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