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Bespoke furnaces

Factory's team of designers and engineers have extensive experience designing and manufacturing bespoke furnaces. Over the years we have created numerous bespoke furnaces designs and solutions such as rotating tube furnaces, stainless steel furnaces for use in clean rooms and multi-positional tube furnaces for maximum flexibility.

A number of examples are shown below, please send us your request for more information.

All our high temperature tube furnaces are compatible with our gas tight ends, this allows inert gasses to be introduced and contained within the chamber.

Our bespoke tube furnaces are all equipped with an outer mesh heat shield as standard, this keeps the operator safe while the furnace is in use. Ultra ‘high grade’ insulation materials are used to ensure our furnaces are as energy efficient as possible.

Independent over-temperature protection is available as an option, using a digital alarm working from a separate thermocouple, safeguarding both the furnace or any furnace contents from over-heat damage at any temperature.

Our bespoke tube furnaces are supported by a wide range of equipment and extras such as RS 232, RS 485 comms, stainless steel gas tight ends, ceramic work tubes, multiple heated zones and furnace tables.

We design and build in house so if you have a bespoke requirement please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our in-house experts and CAD design team are on hand to assist you and will complete your project through consultancy, design, manufacture, installation and ongoing support.