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Digital force gauge FH-M

FH-M - Universal digital force gauge with external measuring cells (push / pull) with Peak-Hold function and RS-232.
Range 0~1 kN to 100 kN
  • force-measuring device combination consisting of an external measurement sensor and a high-resolution display unit
  • ideal for force measurement of very slight forces or loads in machines and plants
  • real time or Peak Hold Mode to observe transcients or capture peaks
  • Push & Pull function to capture tensile and compressive forces
  • mini statistics kit: calculates the average result from up to ten stored single results, min., max., n
  • function to set limits: Input of an upper/lower limit value. A visual and acoustic signal supports the measuring operation
  • rechargeable battery pack internal, battery charger included
  • depending on the display unit, only one measuring cell can be connected
  • suitable for all SAUTER test stands (When ordering a test stand please state)
  • cable length for display unit approx. 3 m
  • tolerance 1 % of [Max]
  • selectable measuring units: N, kg, lb
  • overload protection: 150 % of [Max]

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