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Heat treatment furnaces

Outer frame would be fabricated in rolled hollow mild steel section with inset panels to a ‘double skin’ design i.e. using naturally convected air movement around the inner heated section to maintain low outer temperatures.  Furnace is finished in a powder coated paint-work.

100 mm of ceramic fibre board and blanket will be fitted in the sides back and top.  The base of the chamber will be insulated with durable lightweight refractory brick with positioned on top of that a very hard refractory tile, to protect the base of the furnace when loading work pieces.

Heating elements
Heating would be via high quality resistance wire elements positioned in both sides and roof of the chamber and supported on ceramic tubes (elements slide over the ceramic tubes) this open spiral element design combines maximum temperature uniformity with economical heat up times.

Control System
Fitted with a fully automatic three term PID controller from all major manufacturers, giving minimum a digital readout of both set and actual temperature.

Door Mechanism
Door mechanism would be internally sprung, with an up and over action, keeping the hot face door plug away from the operator at all times, the door is in turn fitted with a safety switch ensuring that power to the elements is automatically shut off whenever the door is opened.

Over-temperature option
We can offer independent over-temperature protection via a digital alarm working from an independent thermocouple, this is recommended when using a liner as it protects both the furnace or any furnace contents from over-heat damage at any temperature (see prices).

Power will be switched via a solid state relay, which is positioned under the main body of the furnace at the back to give easy access, along with the main contactor and all terminations.  Furnace controller, neons, switches etc are fitted into a front mounting control panel.  All element terminations are made at the back of the furnace with easy access for maintenance.  A type ‘R’ thermocouple is used in conjunction with the controller, this will be fitted through the back wall of the furnace and housed in a ceramic sheath for protection.   Furnace as standard will be configured for a single phase supply on 230 volts, 50hz, with total power being 7kw.