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Counting scales

Counting, doing it right!

For counting correctly a few parameters need to be taken account when selecting a counting scale.

Minimum piece weight: smallest piece the scale will accept for piece counting and piece count display. In practice, depending on the required accuracy, we recommend you choose a counting scale with a minimum piece weight is smaller than the weight the item to be counted.

Counting resolution: describes the maximum quantity which can be counted with a counting accuracy of 1 %, with a minimum variation of item weights and a sufficiently large reference quantity (20 pieces with counting resolution ≤ 60,000 points, 50 pieces from 60,000 – 150,000 points, 100 pieces ≥ 150,000 points). This therefore is an indication of the quality of the counting scale.

Recommended reference quantity: weight tolerances of pieces to be counted are the the most significant sources of error when counting. Therefore, at the start of every counting procedure, establish an average weight, the so-called reference weight, by placing several pieces on the scale, the so-called reference quantity. Usually this would be:

5 pieces >> often sufficient
10 pieces >> common practise
20 – 100 pieces >> for large deviations among piece weights

The “automatic reference optimisation” function: increases the reference quantity gradually, whereby the average piece weight is optimised step by step. This contributes considerably to the accuracy of the subsequent counting processes.

Which counting scale for which application?

Simple counting scale: with self-explanatory user guidance on the keyboard. The graphic control panel enables you to start working immediately, without having to consult the user manual. Easy handling, value for money.

Professional counting scale: with 3 separate displays for reference weight (average weight of the pieces), total weight of all pieces and total quantity of all pieces. Very useful integrated memories, e.g. for container weight, item number, reference weight as well as audible and visual counting aids and an alphanumeric key pad for easy data entry.

Special tip for counting large quantities: counting systems
The weighing ranges of bench counting scales are often not sufficient to count large quantities, units, palletized items, etc. Here high-performance counting systems come into operation, as these combine a high-precision reference scale with a high-capacity bulk scale.

Special stocktaking scales: SMT, FKA and FKC: for demanding quantity measurement, e.g. as part of a stocktake. With its easy-to-use touch screen, special stocktaking software and PC connection this makes it quicker to collect and analyse stock levels

Help for choosing a balance: Quick-Finder
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