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Coulometric coating thickness gauge GalvanoTest

The GalvanoTest is a device to measure coating thickness based on the Coulometric principle and be used for virtually all electroplated single or multi-layered coatings. The electroplated coatings like chromium, nickel, cadmium, copper, brass, silver, gold, tin, zinc can be measured on metals or non-metals.

The coating thickness gauge, Galvano Test, is available in two models:

  • GalvanoTest 2000: the electrolyte is moved by a pulsator nozzle
  • GalvanoTest 3000: large electrolyte volumes moved by a circulation pump enable quick serial measurements. Suited for use on very small parts and to measure gold layers.

The anodic dissolution method, also known as Faraday's Coulometric method, works on the lines of the electroplating process: electric current passed through an electrolyte separates individual metal coatings from the substrate. By measuring the current and time the Galvano Test determines the thickness of the coating separated.

Measuring range: 0,05~75 µm
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