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Precision cut-off machines

  • the most universal medium to large capacity precision chainsaws of the REMET line. Extremely user-friendly and flexible, they are used for high-quality cutting of samples of all types and materials.
  • they are available in:
    2 sizes of maximum cutting discs: Ø 200 or 300 mm.
    3 variants:
    * with manual displacement table and manual z-axis.
    * with automatic feed table and manual z axis.
    * with advanced PLC control, automatic feed table and manual or automatic Z axis.
  • Common characteristics
  • rigid structure:
    * base structure in contact with the coolant in laser-welded and micro-peened stainless steel sheet for better resistance to wear and corrosion.
    * other components in steel with baked paint or in nickel-plated cast iron.
  • brushless motor drive with constant torque gearbox independent of motor speed.
  • variable cut-off wheel speed for optimum cutting speed with various sizes and types of wheels and materials.
  • spacious and easily accessible cutting space for the user:
    * possibility of observing the cutting area in 4 directions: front, rear, side and top.
    * very bright working area.
    * optional: powerful multi-LED lighting integrated into the lid for optimum illumination of the cutting area.
    * large hood with supporting structure in anodized aluminum with pneumatic weight compensation cylinder.
  • grinding wheel offset towards the center of the workspace for cutting large objects and a greater variety of possibilities for fixing specimens.
  • grinding wheel protected by a metal guard, avoids projections against the hood.
  • large one-piece mobile cutting table with T-slot for better rigidity and better vibration damping.
  • table mounted on double guides and generously sized drive screws to ensure stability and avoid vibrations.
  • protection of the guides, screws and spindle of the grinding wheel by bellows to prevent any deterioration by cutting abrasives or cutting waste.
  • height adjustment of the cut-off wheel with indication of the position to adapt to the size of the wheels & samples, easily compensate for the wear of the wheel and make special cuts.
  • Large removable filtering grid placed in the bottom of the cutting compartment receptacle to facilitate the recovery of cutting elements and the elimination of large cutting residues. The large size of the grid reduces the risk of clogging and facilitates cleaning of the coolant tank.
  • coolant tank and circulation pump integrated in the base of the chainsaw with drain valve on the side.
  • possibility of connecting an additional external tank for the coolant.
  • safety devices: meets CE specifications (emergency stop, blocking of the opening of the cover during the rotation of the grinding wheel, etc.).