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Cold mounting

Cold mounting is especially suited for mounting specimens that are sensitive to heat or pressure. Additionally, cold mounting does not require an investment in a mounting press and is therefore good for infrequent mounting tasks. The resin, a mixture of two or three components, is poured over the specimen after it has been placed in a mounting cup. After curing, the specimen can be taken out of the cup and processed.

There are 4 types of resins

Polyester resins
Transparent economic resin for standard applications

Epoxy resins
Resins with virtually no shrinkage. Epoxy resins can be used for vacuum impregnation.

Acrylic resins
Resins with short curing times and moderate or no shrinkage. The all-round materialographic resins.

Blue light hardening resins
Mono resin with hardening activated by blue light near UV, used every day in dental technology, for special applications.

The resin by excellence for fast cold mounting with very good adhesion and no shrinkage is DEMOTEC 15 +, but it is opaque. See the DEMOTEC 20 or epoxy resins for transparent mounting.