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Pocket balances

Pocket size precision

  • Pocket balances are the ideal helpers whenever mobility and high precision are required. Since they have fewer keys, operation is simple and fast. Different weighing units stored in the pocket balance, such as g, oz, ct, gn, etc., make them universally usable. An integrated calculator lets you use the measured weight immediately in calculations, to e.g. determine a a price, quantity, average value and much more.
  • Compact in size and well protected with a flap or protective cover, which can be used as a conventient taring container, the pocket balance is always a useful tool for mobile weighing:
    * in production, to control of production weights or during the picking of small parts
    * in quality control for the quick testing of small parts like plastic parts from injection moulding machines, milled parts, screws, etc.
    * for mobile weighing, on-site sampling, and fast analysis wherever there’s no power outlet
    * in hobbies and sports, e.g. when filling black powder, weighing parts from modelling kits etc.
    * in commerce, for the fast determination of the weights of coins, jewellery, precious stones, etc.
    * in veterinary sector for the weighing of small animals, the mixing of feed, etc.
    * in the food sector for the preparation of spice or tea mixes, for the weighing of food in line with a diet sheet.
  • Of course, all pocket balances can also be calibrated and delivered with a DAkkS calibration certificate (optional). This ensures the high level of accuracy of your balance.

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