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Mechanical force gauge 370

370 - Mechanical force gauge for measuring push (and pull) forces.
Range 0,003~0,03N to 10~100 N

Forces from 0,3cN to 100N (0,3 g to 10,000 g) can be determined by means of spring balance scale fast and surely. The work principle is based on the deformation of a precision spring. This deformation is measured and displayed directly at the gage.

One can measure compression forces at electrical switchgears, tracking forces of engine brushes, grope-move of typewriters, measure tension and compression forces from springs to get an exact result, the palpation ball must be perpendicularly to the lever axle be loaded. The measurements can be made in both directions. All spring balances scales become alternatively along with a test certificate after work guidelines or with a factory calibration certificate.

The contact spring scale have a painted light alloy housing, plunger from rustproof steel, a dial gauge depending upon measuring range of 36 mm or 72 mm. Scaling black on white number sheet, black fine pointer with red pointer of dragging, pointer of dragging over rotary button on the window resettable.

Uncertainty: < +/- 1%  

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