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Ministress type

Ministress or Aerform interchangeable steel type with a continuous round faced line charater to give a 'softer' impression into the component being marked. This helps to eliminate any stress concentration at the bottom of the indentation.
  • specially engineered for use in the Aircraft, Nuclear, oil and gas industries or where reduced stress marking is required
  • provides the perfect answer for all batch and general purpose marking. Simply build a series of characters into a holder and produce a mark quickly with uniform legibility.
  • precision ground blanks to give clear marks of consistent depth
  • clear character styles for a quality mark Hardened to 59-63 Rockwell C to give optimum life, and safety in use
  • nickel plated resists rust and gives good appearance
  • manufactured to quality system ISO 9001:2000
  • type can be used in a hand holder (to be hit with a hammer), or, for faster throughput, can be used in a machine holder (to be used in a press).
  • can be purchased as a complete kit, or as single pieces and holders Kits supplied in a strong plastic case with components for accurate storage and easy character selection

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