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Cut-off wheels SiC & Al2O3

The Nx-Met cut-off wheels are designed for metallographic cut-off machines under water producing samples in perfect condition for the next stage.  
The wide selection of Nx-Met cut-off wheels allows the cutting of practically all materials, without causing structural change to the wheel or the sample due to overheating or deformation, thus ensuring maximum durability of the wheels.  

Abrasive cutting under water
When cutting, the cutting wheel coolant is sprayed to prevent thermal damage and remove debris, for a possible highest material removal.

Guide for wheels based on SiC and AL2O3

Cutting discs with resinoid binder and abrasive alumina Al2O3

NX10  Low carbon steels
          Mild and extra mild steels
          Medium section treated steels
         Hardness HRC<25, HV<260        

NX20  Treated steels
          Stainless steel
          Refractory steels
          Allied Fonts
         Hardness HRC=25~55, HV=260~600

NX30  Treated steels
          Steels with fragile coatings
          All uses of difficult materials
         Hardness HRC>55, HV>600

Cutting discs with resinoid binder and abrasive silicium carbide SiC

NX70  Non ferrous material, cast iron, titanium & titatium Alloys

Our program includes standard products: other diameter under request
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