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Bench scales

Compact industrial weighing technology

  • Thanks to their compact dimensions, low weight, robust internal mechanism and the fact that they can be operated independent of mains power, bench scales can be used not only in a stationary situation, but also as mobile scales.
  • With weighing ranges between 3 kg and 65 kg, bench scales can cover a wide range of applications. Whether as a commissioning scale in the warehouse, for inventory purposes, on a production work station, in quality control, in small workshops, in service cars or in sales offices, bench scales are the first choice.
  • Durable stainless steel weighing plates, easy to read backlit displays, useful functions such as piece counting, PRE-TARE – subtraction of a known container weight, or interfaces to PC and printer, all these support the user in their daily work.
  • Dual range scales cover a particularly wide range of applications. With these scales, the total weighing range is divided into 2 subranges and begins with a high resolution read-out in the fine weighing range. If this range is exceeded the balance automatically switches to the higher weighing range with the lower resolution read-out.
  • All bench scales have an adjustment program (CAL) to adjust the accuracy. In this way, the high level of accuracy is guaranteed at all times, even during harsh everyday use.
  • Touchscreen balances: the newest development for an even greater level of userfriendliness is the intuitive touchscreen operation, which is being integrated into new models, see PKT, PET, AET, FKT, FKTF, FKA, FKC, IKT, ILT

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