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Price computing scales

  • Price computing scales are used wherever the price of goods is calculated dependent on the weight of the goods. These scales are subject to obligatory verification in accordance with European Directive 2009/23/EC.
  • Mobile retail scales are compact in size and therefore save space on the sales counter. Thanks to the simple menu structure they are easy to use – saving time and money.
  • Fitted with mains or rechargeable batteries as standard, price computing scales can be used in retail shops as well as on mobile sales stalls.
  • All price computing scales have three displays showing you all important information at a glance:
    * weight display in kg (verifiable)
    * unit price in € / kg or € / 100 g
    * total price in €
  • Entry level retail scales have direct access keys (➔ PLU), to which a sales item with its relevant price can be assigned to. In this way, frequently used sales items can called up at lightning speed. This accelerates customer service and reduces waiting times.

Help for choosing a balance: Quick-Finder