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Extendable endoscopes with lamp illumination are mainly used for inspections where the instrument must be very long and high levels of ilumination are required. Their modular design allows easy transportation of the endoscope as well as easy and fast assembly on site according to the particular inspection requirements.
By using extension tubes, using lengths up to 30,000 mm (TEW-24) are possible.
The interchangeable objective heads carry compact and powerful low voltage halogen lamps, because the illumination source is integral with the objective head. This ensures the most efficient illumination of the inspection area.
Having selected a given diameter, you have the ability to modify the instrument for length, field of view, direction of view and eyepiece pattern to suit an almost infinite range of inspection tasks.

The basic system comprises the following:
  • Ocular tube with monocular attachment
  • Objective tube, as required
  • Connecting cable
  • Power supply (transformator/rechargeable battery)
  • Objective head, as required
Depending on the nature of inspection, extension tubes can be added to the basic system to produce an endoscope of the required length.
These are connected by means of a positive square-section screw thread. It is possible to use the instrument suspended in vertical position. The power is supplied by variable output transformer operating from the mains or from a sealed rechargeable battery pack.

Technical features:
  • Diameter 9, 14, 18 or 24 mm
  • Working lengths 500 mm to 30,000 mm, depending on the diameter of the endoscope
  • Interchangeable objective heads with directions of view 0°, 0° wide angle, 45°, 90° and 110°, universal objective head with adjustable prism, special objective heads according to inspection requirement
  • Extension tubes 500 mm to 1500 mm, depending on the diameter of the endoscope
  • Interchangeable ocular attachments: Monocular, zoomocular, binocular
  • Stainless steel outer tubes, temperature resistant up to 120° C
  • Instruments with a diameter of 14 mm and above are available water-proof and gas-tight
  • Radiation resistant versions are available

Typical Applications for the TEW-range
  • Pressure vessels
  • Tubes
  • Boiler and condensor tubes
  • Large diesel engines
  • Helicopter blades
  • Structural inspection
  • Chemical plants
  • Weapon systems