Ultrasonic thickness gauge TT-700, 15 MHz, 0.001 mm

Ultrasonic thickness gauge TT-700, 15 MHz, 0.001 mm
Ultrasonic thickness gauge TT-700, 15 MHz, 0.001 mm
Ultrasonic thickness gauge TT-700, 15 MHz, 0.001 mm
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Article codeTT-700
The new, ergonomically shaped handheld TT-700 Ultrasonic Wall thickness gauge offers big performance in a small lightweight package. Its biggest advantage is the measuring range from 0.15 up to 20mm (steel plates) which makes it suitable where other thickness gauges are out of range. The operator keypad interface is user-friendly and has a central Mode key, a calibration key, three function arrow keys to activate and set functional control and navigate through the menu plus a key to store/transfer data. It has an integrated steel calibration plate and the display resolution can be switched from 0.001 to 0.01mm. If you need to document your measuring results, they can be printed or transferred to a PC.
especially suitable for testing thin workpieces
  • I-E, E-E or auto testing mode
  • I-E: For measuring thick test pieces, but the results are easily influenced by the coupling status
  • E-E: For measuring test pieces up to a certain thickness limit, but the measuring result will be accuracy and stable
  • AUTO: the instrument will select I-E or E-E automatically
  • sound velocity testing and single point calibration
  • sound alarm and differential mode are available
  • mm/inch selectable
  • PC transfer and printing
  • display backlight
  • shutdown after 2 minutes
  • data store, view and delete

Technical specification
  • measuring range: 0.15~20mm (1mm in a ø5mm steel pipes)
  • display resolution: selectable 0.001mm and 0.01mm
  • sound velocity range: 1000~9999 m/s or 0.039~0.394 in/µs
  • accuracy (0.001 mm)
    * thickness (e) > 10 mm: ± 0.05 mm
    * thickness (e) < 10 mm: ± (0.5% x e) mm
  • operating temperature: 0~40°C
  • dimensions: 152x74x35 mm
  • weight: 220gr
  • power supply: 2pcs AA batteries

Standard delivery
  • instrument TT-700                
  • transducer 15 MHz ø6
  • screw driver
  • protection cover
  • AA battery (2 pcs)
  • couplant
  • manual
  • factory certificate
  • carrying case

  • communication cable
  • standard test block
  • 20MHz transducer
  • TA-230 printer