Digital coating thickness gauge SmarTest FN 2.6

Digital coating thickness gauge SmarTest FN 2.6
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SmartTest FN2.6 with built-in probe for nondestructive measurement of the thickness of non-magnetic coatings (paint, plastic, chrome, etc.) on ferromagnetic supports (steel).
  • SmarTest is an intelligent wireless sensor for the non-destructive measurement of coating thickness that transmits the data captured by Bluetooth to your Minitest 745, tablet or smartphone.
  • the SmarTest wireless sensor has a diameter of 16 mm and a length of 125 mm in length somewhat like a thick ballpoint pen and weighs just 48 g.This allows you to always keep SmarTest everywhere.
  • the standard delivery includes the FN 2.6 sensor, optimized specifically for the measurement of thin body panels and usable from a panel thickness of 0.3 mm.
  • you can connect SmarTest to all SIDSP sensors and thus cover a very large possibility of measurement data.
  • smarTest is very easy to use:
    * start the SmarTest app on your mobile
    * activate the wireless sensor and the Bluetooth connection will be done automatically
    * measure
  • the SmarTest app supports you in all steps with help texts contextualized currently in 4 languages. The application is used with menu commands on the graphic surface.
  • 2 measurement modes:
    * single value mode: the measurement values are taken individually and displayed. This enables you to take coating thickness values of the object to be measured at multiple points and then to evaluate them statistically.
    * continuous mode: after placing the sensor the measuring values are taken continuously and displayed. This mode is suited for calculation of layer thickness distribution on a restricted surface and to locate the thin and thick sections. The measuring values calculated on continuous mode can be saved in the statistics by briefly pressing the power button.
  • sensor control and data transmission via Bluetooth 4.4 or Bluetooth Smart (low energy). The sensor and the mobile can thus be separated by about 10 meters; even more in case of favorable transmission conditions.
  • the SmarTest app is used to represent current measured values, evaluate statistics and save, and to control and calibrate the sensor.
  • the measured values ​​can be displayed and worked in metric (μm, mm) and imperial (mils) format.
  • the recording and transmission of the measured values ​​is done in CSV format.
  • 3 possible calibration modes: factory calibration, 1-point calibration on the uncoated measuring object (zero setting), 2-point calibration (zero setting + 1 sheet)

Technical characteristics
  • measuring range: F 0~2.6 mm / N 0~1.3 mm
  • resolution in the lower range: 0.05 μm
  • sensor type: integrated, interchangeable
  • measurement principle: magnetic induction
  • accuracy: (1 μm + 0.75% of the value read)
  • minimum curvature radius, convex: 1.5 mm
  • minimum curvature radius, concave: 7.5 mm
  • minimum measuring area: Ø 5 mm
  • minimum substrate thickness: F 0,3 mm, N 40 µm
  • interface: Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Smart, reach up to 10m / Mini-USB connector to charge batteries and power supply, data port
  • standards: DIN EN ISO 1461, 2064, 2178, 2360, 2808, 3882, 19840 ASTM B244, B499, D7091, E376 AS 3894.3, SS 1841 60, SSPC-PA 2
  • operating temperature: -10~+60 ° C
  • storage temperature: -20~+70 ° C
  • power supply: rechargeable battery via LiFePO4 USB port / operating time approx. 8 hours in continuous service
  • dimensions: Ø 16 x 125 mm
  • weight: about 60 g
  • SmartTest application:
    * operating system from Android 4.1
    * metric measurement systems / switchable mils
    * calibration mode: factory calibration, 1-point or 2-point
    * statistics: number of measures, minimum, maximum, average
    * memory: storage of file measurements in CSV format

Scope of supply
  • SmartTest with integrated probe
  • calibration kit with calibration standards and a zero reference plate
  • USB charger with mini-USB cable
  • manual
  • manufacturer's certificate
  • protective case

  • calibration foils with certificate, individual or by set
  • probes SIDSP sensors