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Peak 2008

  • All 2008 series microscopes can be focussed by turning the coaxial tube.
  • The ocular can be focussed on the scale, which, in contrast to the 2034 series, is not installed in the ocular. The measuring scale is installed separately above the tube where it is borne in a mounting shell. The top half of the tube can be screwed off for easy replacement of the measuring scale. The scale can be rotated inside the microscope making it unnecessary to turn the entire instrument.
  • Two additional scales are available. These allow simply length measurement as well as determination of angles.
  • No interchangeable lenses are available for the 2008 measuring microscopes
  • A small, handy transport box prevents damage to this precision instrument with weight of only 82 grams.
  • A clear acrylic base as well as an eye cup can be ordered as replacement parts.
  • The scale engraved on the focussing ring and the needle on the tube allow depth measurements to an accuracy of 0.1 mm. This microscope is practical for measuring the thickness, height, or depth of objects with different levels.
  • An eight megapixel, miniature USB camera with integrated lens and autofocus feature can be attached simply to the ocular with the aid of an adapter. This allows images to be saved quickly on a laptop or PC. It is possible to use either the original camera driver software (in English only)XS Adapter set with illuminationXS Adapter Set or combine the system with the Metric BE (image visualisation and storage),which offers significantly more convenient operation. The quality of the images obtained with this high end industrial camera is impressive.