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Metric – simple to use!
Measurement software shouldn’t result in the user losing time. The Metric measurement software is an alternative to other available programs, which are often complicated to use.

Why Metric?
  • The fact that Metric can measure in the live image saves an enormous amount of time, given that images need not be saved first and subsequently retrieved again. Through the use of our USB 2.0 camera, the software can be installed on as many computers as desired. Metric is enabled wherever the camera is connected. On the one hand, this removes the need for the troublesome USB dongle, and on the other, it is extremely practical for mobile systems such as the Cellcheck Series, given that everyone who wants to share a microscope already has the software installed on their computer.
  • Metric can be switched between 35 different languages, a feature which has led to the program being used all over the world. This is not only of interest to international clients. In large companies with staff from many different nations, software training is made much easier.
  • Updates for Metric measurement software from the nine-digit serial number are generally free of charge. With the corresponding serial number, the user is immediately taken to the correct version in our download area. This saves time-consuming update contracts and ensures that users can always keep their systems up to date.
  • It is always possible to carry out an upgrade from Metric PE Standard to Metric Plus or MT at the original update price. Your old version will not lose its value.
  • Of course, we cannot forget the telephonic support: The Metric header bar contains our normal telephone number, not the Nirvana hotline.

Versions: metric is available in four configurations  (function list on request).
  • Metric BE is intended only to display and save images and generate cross-hairs for positioning. The DoubleCheck function enables two live images with cross-hairs to be automatically launched beside each other when two cameras are used.
  • Metric PE contains basic measuring functions, such as distance, radius and circular measurements, angle measurements and some other basic measuring functions (Function list opens a new window). For users who prefer to allocate functions to hot keys, Metric PE has the option of creating hot keys.
  • Metric Plus generally contains all measuring functions: special circular measurements, measuring functions for the PCB area, thickness measurements, DFX overlay, focus calculation and many other special functions. It would take too long to list all the functions here. Therefore these are all listed in the function list.
  • Metric MT has two additional functional levels: The buttons located in the left column activate the measurements point, line, circle and circle segment. The three buttons below are intended for the distance, angle and best-fit line. With the four upper measuring functions, all relevant objects or measuring points are marked. Afterwards, measurements can be linked in the computer window (button with PC).
    The second function level includes the readout of X, Y and Z values. Metric MT can generally be combined with practically every measurement system. Regardless of whether the measuring tables are from Märzhäuser, Uhl, Prior, Steinmeyer or others, the XY axis are read and calculated in Metric MT. If no direct USB or RS-232 connection is possible, it may be necessary to transfer data via a suitable interface. Data from measuring spindles such as Mitutoyo, Sylvac, Heidenhain or integrated measuring systems, for instance from Schneeberger, on or in guidance systems is also processed. The X, Y and Z values are permanently displayed in an additional window in Metric.
    Automatic measurement with the Metric MT
    Metric MT also has many special measurement functions for tool measurements (drills, milers, thread cutters and indexable inserts). New image processing functions for diameter, radii, distances and angles offer even quicker and reproducable measurements. With a good contrast, the user only needs to pull up one box with the mouse and the result is displayed automatically. All Metric measuring functions can also be used with the automatic edge selection.
    If a specific measuring function which you require for your company is not included in Metric: we would be happy to program a special measuring function for you.