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ALINOX® – two metals perfectly combined

The new ease of taking measure

The search for an always better solution is a tradition of Scala.
Beside the precision the focus is set on the user‘s friendliness.
Thus the Scala engineers mastered the challenge of producing precise calipers under the intelligent inventory of ALuminium and INOXidable steel.
Though the ALINOX® brand name for light-alloy calipers was born.
Additional benefit: Short production periods for standard and taylormade executions.

ALINOX® stands for a production method combining aluminium and inoxidable steel.

Measuring jaws made of stainless hardened steel are highly strength linked with the components made of aluminium. The cursor is made as a monoblock part, the beam an extruded profile, both anodized and laser-graduated.
Backlash-guided by abrasion-resistant plastic fittings.

  1. the brand for guaranteed quality
  2. fixing screw for cursor fixation
  3. nearly parallax-free reading
  4. measuring jaws made of stainless hardened steel, spark-free/antimagnetic jaws made of brass or aluminium
  5. adjustable, prismatic backlash-guidance made of abrasion-resistant plastic (Delrin) assures optimal gliding
  6. graduation laser-engravedand blackened for antiglare reading Precision acc. to in-house-standard
  7. ultra light-alloy aluminium profile, section 36x9 mm, extruded in a special double prismatic section

A high level of quality by the material processing ensures longevity and robustness along with high measuring exactness.
All steel parts receive a high-end finish, the surface of all aluminium parts are mat-anodized and allow an anti-glam reading.