• AKA-Lube Clear+ is a superior polymer based lubricant helping to achieve outstanding removal rates. Together with Aka-Poly+ and Aka-Mono+ it will provide the fastest possible preparation results.
  • AKA-Lube Clear is the water-free non-hazardous, non-flammable version of Aka-Clear+ and ideal for the preparation of water-sensitive materials.
  • AKA-Lube Green maintains a very thin lubricating film, perfect for high removal in the initial preparation stages, for fine grinding and pre-polishing.
  • AKA-Lube Yellow provides a good combination between lubricating and cooling and is used as a general lubricant.
  • AKA-Lube Red produces a thick lubrication film; ideal for final polishing and scratch-free finishes on soft materials.
  • AKA-Lube Blue is a traditional water-free ethanol based lubricant for general purposes and for the preparation of water sensitive materials.
  • AKA-Lube Blue Concentrate contains all the active ingredients of Aka-Lube, Blue and is simply mixed with ethanol 99% in a ratio of 1:10. Shipping of the concentrate saves both cost and eliminates the risk of shipping a flammable liquid that easily can be sourced locally.