Demo kit

  • The Akasel Demo Kit is a unique way for testing the latest in metallographic sample preparation.
  • We have created 18 different Demo Kits for the preparation of either specific materials or material groups.
  • The preparation methods for material groups are all based on fast 3-step methods that provide very good results in short times.
  • A Demo Kit contains all necessary consumables, user guides and brochures for grinding and polishing and will allow you to prepare 50 samples or more.
  • The included grinding discs Aka-Piatto, Aka-Allegran or Aka-Largan can at least replace 100 to 200 pcs of grinding paper and such last much longer.
  • It also contains the Aka-Brief, a detailed overview of the preparation method with pictures of the sample after each preparation step, and comprehensive tips and tricks.
  • With a Demo Kit you will be able to test the Akasel way of sample preparation at your convenience.

Aka-Brief available for download (English)

Specific methods

General methods

Recommendation for cutting discs for each Aka-Brief