Resin cut-off wheel AKASEL

Aka - Cut cutting discs have been specially developed for sophisticated techniques of cutting under water for the metallographic specimen preparation, producing plans specimens with a minimum of deformation in perfect condition for the next stage of the preparation.
General features.
  • A texture of reinforcement fiber on the flanks with a high porosity surface allows to bring more cooling liquid in the cutting area and facilitates the elimination of debris. You get so a better cooling, a reduction of friction and you can more easily cut hardened samples which tend to tighten the wheel during cutting.
  • Compared to a structure with an hexagonal relief side, this solution has the advantage of less weakening the drive.
  • Thanks to the fiber reinforcement, Aka - Cut wheels are more flexible and less easily break.
Aka - Cut 500.
  • The Aka - Cut 500 are resin bonded wheels.
  • Aka - Cut 500HV is a cutting disc for general use adapted for cutting samples from 150 up to 500 HV (with possibly of the superficial layers up to 700 HV: hardened...).
Aka - Cut 700.
  • The Aka - Cut 700 are resin bonded wheels.
  • Aka - Cut 700HV is a cutting disc for cutting hard to very hard samples from 700 HV.
  • Life expectancy of 2 to 3 x longer than the equivalent disk market.
  • Suitable for a wide range of material.
  • Resistant to moisture.
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