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Hydrometer BL A plus

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Hydrometer BL A plus
Hydrometer BL A plus
Hydrometer BL A plus
Hydrometer BL A plus
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  • the possibilities offered by high-precision resistance- based measurement method and the non-destructive capacitive measuring method are now combined in one compact measuring instrument: the Hydromette® BL A plus.
  • it is perfectly suitable for determining the moisture content of sawn timber (up to 180 mm thick), chipboard and veneer.
  • it is equipped with a high-quality measuring amplifier and an OLED display.
  • the new ResCap mode (automatic adjustment of the capacitive measurement to a previously measured resistant value) combines the accuracy of the resistance-based measurement method with the easy handling of the capacitive measuring mode.
  • the resistance-based measuring mode features a wood species selector for more than 300 species as well as a temperature compensation device, which is manually adjustable.
  • the capacitive measuring method enables fast measurement (maximum thickness: 40 mm), it is not necessary to drive any electrodes into the wood. Wood species correction is available for more than 50 species.
  • limit values can be set freely. If a measured value crosses such a threshold, the meter will indicate this through a flashing LED.
Measuring range
  • wood moisture:
    * resistance-based measuring method: 5~70 % (dry mass)
    * capacitive measuring method: 5~50 % (dry mass)
  • display: OLED display, resolution 0.1%
  • response time: <2 s
  • wood species correction:
    * RES-based measuring method: more than 300 species
    * capacitive measuring method: more than 50 species
  • correction factors for unplaned or thin (10-20 mm) timber in capacitive mode
  • wood temperature compensation is done manually or automatically through the unit temperature
  • New ResCap mode available
  • storage of the 5 most recent measured values
  • LED alarm feature (min/max)
  • MIN MAX and HOLD functions for measured values
  • indication of the ambient temperature / temperature of the device.
  • automatic device shutdown
  • operating conditions: 0~+50° C continuously, -10~+60° C short-term
  • long-term storage conditions: +5~+40° C
  • power supply: 9 V battery or rechargeable battery (optional accessories)
  • dimensions: 185 [L] x 50 [W] x 30 mm [H],
  • weight approx. 200g
Scope of delivery
  • BL H 40 electronic humidity meter
  • plastic case
  • user manual
  • push-in electrode M 20 (31003300)
  • push-in electrode M 19 (31003400)
  • hammer-in electrode M 18 (31003500)
  • electrode tips without insulation: 16 mm (31004610), 23 mm (31004620), 40 mm (31004640) or 60 mm (31004660)
  • electrode tips with insulation for M18: 45 mm (31004550) or 60 mm (31004500)
  • 1 m connection cable for MK8 electrode (31006210)
  • pyrometric probe for temperature measurement ET-100 (31013165)
  • infrared pyrometric probe for surface IR 40 BL (31003150)