"Custom" symbol

Because hand stamp is the simplest method of marking everywhere with a hammer, there are regularly request for specific stamps with text, logo, symbols...
We can produce such "custom" stamps.

Typical Applications
- cylinder marking: individual stamps are used to mark cylinders to convey information, as well as conformity and inspection.
- railways: stamps are issued to members of work teams and inspectors, to mark rails and gauges, to show inspection has been performed as well as identifying responsibility.
- ingot marking: used in the steel industries, to mark bars and ingots as to origin and traceability.
- gas, oil and water pipes: individual stamps are issued to both workers and inspectors to record information on large pipes and joints to convey information and to identify responsibility.
- locksmiths: our hamdstamps are used in many locksmiths and key cutting companies.
- engineering: hand stamps and dies are used throughout typical manufacturing processes and also for inspection stamps
Information required to specify your quotation or order
- the inscription or design
- the overall dimensions of the area to be marked
- the material to be marked and its hardness
- inscriptions to your specification
- manufactured from the highest grade steels
- high-speed steel option available.
- sharp faced, flat faced and low stress indenting options available
- in house heat treatment provides consistent quality and hardness.
- concave and convex stamps can be provided
- heavy duty stamps made to your specification and fullered for rodding
- handles and rods can be provided for protection of operatives when hot marking
- rubber shrouds can be provided for operator protection when cold marking
- produced to BS EN ISO9001:2000 quality standard.
Support Services
- artwork modification and production for approval
- maintenance of database to record your inscription history
- helpful and experienced staff, happy to advise on all forms of marking.