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PortaDot 60-30 Touch

PortaDot 60-30 Touch
PortaDot 60-30 Touch
PortaDot 60-30 Touch
PortaDot 60-30 Touch
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The PortaDot 60-30 Touch is an extremely versatile, lightweight and mobile handheld marking machine with a marking window of 60mm x 30mm. It is powered by a Bosch 36V battery for ‘all day’ use and features patented technology to ensure that the marking force does not deteriorate as the battery power depletes. The new integrated control system is based on our 4000 Series Controller and has many of the same functions and features, all packaged within the marking head for ultimately mobility. Marking programmes can be created, edited, and saved directly to the marking machine using the 5.7 inch touch screen display so that they can then easily be loaded the next time that programme is required.

It provides a fast, convenient method of marking a huge variety of parts in multiple locations.
  • all-in-one marking solution with touchscreen control
  • uses Pryor’s latest embedded control system integrated into the marking head
  • all marking data backed up to internal storage with an option to export via USB
  • touchscreen protector and stylus supplied as standard
  • the standard machine is supplied with:
    * 1x Bosch 36V batteries
    * 1x battery charge and mains charging cable (UK, USA, & EU options available)
    * Robust carry case for transport and storage

Technical specifications
  • fully Portable, lightweight Dot Peen marking machine
  • marking window: 60mm x 30mm
  • high power 36V, quick changeover,  battery for deeper marking applications.
  • fully programmable touch screen interface 11.6x8.7 cm (147 mm diagonally) with built-in screen-protector and stylus protected by a folding and removable cover
  • suitable for engraving identification marks, logos or 2D barcode information
  • Dot Mark output styles: 5 x 7,7 x 9,Varidot, 2D Data Matrix, QR Code, HPGL, BMP Logos
  • can permanently mark most engineering materials up to a maximum hardness of 62Hrc
  • programmable marking force up to level 14, capable of making the deepest markings
  • constant force in case of low battery - digital compensation
  • marking non-flat surfaces up to 7 mm variation
  • standard character sizes: 0.19mm – 59.9mm in increments of 0.19mm (5×7 font) or 0.25mm (7×9 font)
  • on screen mark preview and trial run features
  • drive mechanism: XY precision lead screws
  • adjustable face mask with horizontal and vertical ‘V’ grooves for tube/pipe marking, quick adjustment without any tools
  • special noise reduction front mask, designed to reduce noise & very resistant and transparent material
  • retractable top handle: 2 handles for added stability - Retractable top handle
  • connectivity:  USB A (USB Flash drive, USB Keyboard), USB B (PC USB-Com Connectivity), option WiFi  802.11/b/g/d/h/i/n 2.4GHz (Wireless scanners, data logging, network interfacing)
  • MS Excel (*.csv) marking and logging modes.
  • program memory capacity: up to 9000 layouts
  • integrated LED lighting with tilt activation
  • dimensions: 295mm(H) x 170mm (W) x 303mm (L)
  • weight: marking head/battery: 3.7kg
  • rugged carry case, high density foam specifically cut
  • high speed battery charger: AC Input 50/60Hz; 100-240VAC
Standard delivery
  • 1x marking machine 60x30 mm
  • 1x removable Bosch Li-Ion 36 V battery,
  • 1x integrated lighting
  • 1x charger
  • 1x suitcase
  • 1x 90° stylus and spring kit
  • 1x screen protection cover
  • integrated logo creation software

Options and accessories
  • Wireless barcode reader (1D printed) for PortaDot 60-30 Touch.
  • WiFi module for PortaDot 60-30 Touch
  • adjustable mask kit for extended difficult access
  • PortaDot 60-30 Touch complementary battery.
  • tungsten carbide stylus
  • stylus spring
  • remote or on-site training