Hardnesstester LEEB2-3000+ with cable digital probe D

Double coil, increased precision

Hardnesstester LEEB2-3000+ with cable digital probe D
Hardnesstester LEEB2-3000+ with cable digital probe D
Hardnesstester LEEB2-3000+ with cable digital probe D
Hardnesstester LEEB2-3000+ with cable digital probe D
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Article codeLEEB2-3000+/C
The Leeb2-3210 digital durometer is a new generation of Leeb hardness tester with more advanced technology and features. The tester applies our new patented dual coil sensor technology to the inside of the probe which makes the tester more accurate than older models. All impact devices (probes) no longer need to configure the direction of impact. It can work with a cable impact probe or a wireless RF probe. The measured values ​​can be downloaded to the PC and the printer by radio or cable. The Leeb2-3210 can also be powered by a USB power supply without battery via a PC cable.

  • patent dual- coil technology
  • all probe are digital type
  • high repeatability accuracy: ± 2 HL (or 0.3% @HL800)
  • large 320 x 240 pixel TFT color LCD screen
  • automatic compensation error for different impact directions
  • high linear precision for all angles
  • multicolored display, suitable for use under the sun
  • multiple display modes - statistics, bar graph, etc.
  • multiple recording mode for data.
  • multi statistics calculation
  • operator, part number, procedure number record
  • online printing and screenshot
  • audible reminder, actual date and time
  • powered by AA battery or USB power supply
  • up to 10 types of menu languages
  • PC data management software

  • principle: Leeb2 hardness measurement
  • accuracy / repeatability: ± 0.3% @ HL = 800 / ± 2HL
  • screen: high contrast color TFT 240 x 320
  • hardness scale: HL / HRC / HRB / HB / HV / HS / HRA / sb
  • measuring range: HL100-960 / HRC0.9-83.2 / HRB1-140 / HB1-1878 / HV1-HS0.5-1370 / HRA1-88.5 / sb(rm)1-6599N/mm2
  • probe: cable digital probe D
  • materials and conversion curves: 11 common metallic materials, 75 curves
  • statistical function: average / max. / min. / standard deviation
  • memory: max 63 files, max 100 measurements per file
  • group statistics
    * only one group: mean, max., min., extreme deviation, standard deviation, kurtosis coefficient, asymmetry coefficient, percentage of success, column diagram, normality distribution test and uniform distribution test
    * double group: significant difference test for mean value, standard deviation, percentage of success and distribution
  • interface: USB / RS232 / Bluetooth
  • re-calibration: allowed by user
  • indicator: upper limit / lower limit / low battery / audible warning / date and time
  • language: English, German
  • power on/off: auto/manual
  • power supply: 4x AA alkaline battery / 4x rechargeable nickel-hydrogen 1.2V battery / USB power supply
  • working environment: -10°C~+45°C
  • dimension: 195x84x38 mm
  • net weight: 550 g
  • standards: conforming to ASTM A956, DIN 50156, GB/T 17394-1998, EN ISO 16859
Standard delivery
  • 1x main unit
  • 1x digital cable probe D with cable
  • 1x D test block
  • 1x small support ring
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x PC-software
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x factory test certificate
  • 1x carrying case

Optional accessories
  • digital cable probe D/C/DC/D+15/DL/G/E
  • wireless rf digital probe D/C/DC/D+15/DL/G/E
  • wireless rf digital probe D (with integrated display)
  • special support rings
  • standard support ring for probe D
  • small support ring
  • impact body D
  • cable micro printer or wireless (Bluetooth)
  • D test block with or without certificate