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HR30N - DAkkS/EN ISO 6508

  • the Rockwell HR30N hardness reference blocks are manufactured by BUDERUS (D) and are standard delivered with a DKD-DAkkS certificate issued by the independent Materialprüfungsamt Nordrhein-Westfalen (MPA NRW) laboratory.
  • each block is measured to the highest levels of precision according to EN ISO 6508.
  • for hardness test blocks, certified by MPA NRW, there is an Excel sheet available where the calibration value, limit deviation and tolerable repeatability of the hardness tester as well as the measurement uncertainty of the test block of hardness are noted. By means of this sheet, a cyclical check of your hardness checks can be documented effortlessly within the framework of quality assurance.
  • available
    * triangular blocks 70x70x70x6 mm
    * as a variant: rectangular blocks 60x60x16 mm for better compliance with the new Rockwell standards
    * optional: with ASTM E18 certificate and / or marked with a hexagonal grid for greater ease of testing in accordance with the minimum distances to be observed between indentations.
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