Floor scale UID, 600|1500kg, 0.2|0.5kg, 1195x840 mm (M)

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Floor scale UID, 600|1500kg, 0.2|0.5kg, 1195x840 mm (M)
Floor scale UID, 600|1500kg, 0.2|0.5kg, 1195x840 mm (M)
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Article codeUID 1500K-1DM
  • high mobility thanks to battery operation for display device and platform
  • load support: steel, powder coated, 4 silicone-coated aluminium load cells, protection against dust and water splashes IP67
  • the scale can be easily transported using 2 rollers and a handle and does not require much storage space
  • thanks to interfaces such as RS-232 or USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet (optional), the scale can easily be connected to existing networks. Data exchange between the scale, PC or printer
  • searching and remote control of the balance using external control devices or computers with the KERN Communication Protocol (KCP). KCP is a standardised interface command structure for KERN balances and other instruments which allows you to recall and manage all relevant parameters and device functions. You can therefore simply connect KERN devices with KCP to computers, industrial control systems and other digital systems. In a large number of cases the KCP is compatible with the MT-SICS protocol.. Only possible through RS-232 data interface

Technical specification
  • weighing range: 600|1500kg
  • readout: 0.2|0.5kg
  • verification value (e): 0.2|0.5kg
  • linearity: ± 0.6|1.5kg
  • reproducibility: 0.2|0.5kg
  • minimum load for verified scales MIII: 10 kg
  • dimensions of weighing bridge WxDxH 1195x840x60 mm
  • backlit LCD display, digit height 25 mm
  • dynamic weighing: at the push of a button, a stable average weight is given when the environmental conditions are unstable or when weighing animals
  • weighing with tolerance range (checkweighing): Input of an upper/lower limit value. A visual and audible signal assists with portion division, dispensing or grading. Possibility to connect a signal lamp, CFS-A03 (accessoire)
  • totalizing of weights
  • load support solid steel construction, lacquered, extremely resistant to bending
  • 2 rollers and handle for easy transport of the scale
  • 4 load cells, steel, silicone-coated, IP67
  • display device KIB-TM
  • functions: counting, tolerance, totalization, dynamic weighing, GLP
  • adjusting program CAL by external weight (not delivered)
  • mains adapter external 220~240 Vac / 12 V  1000 mA
  • data interface RS232
  • dimensions of display device WxDxH 268x115x80 mm
  • cable length display device/weighing plate ca 5 m
  • net weight approx. 55 kg
  • permissible ambient temperature -10°C / 40°C
  • warranty 3 years
Option & accessories
  • DAkkS certificate (option)
  • verification MIII (option)
  • rechargeable battery pack internal, operating time approx. 8 h, charging time approx. 10 h, KFB-A01 (option)
  • rechargeable battery pack internal, operating time up to 43 h without backlight, charging time approx. 3 h, KFB-A01
  • USB interface, KIB-A03
  • Bluetooth data interface for wireless data transfer to PC, must be ordered at purchase, KIB-A04
  • WLAN interface for wireless connection to networks and WLAN capable devices, such as tablets, laptops or Smartphones, must be ordered at purchase, KIB-A10
  • digital I/O interface, KIB-A09
  • Ethernet interface for connection to an IP-based Ethernet network, must be ordered at purchase, KIB-A02
  • signal lamp, KIB-A06