Paper Rhaco Grit

Papier Rhaco Grit

Many operators still prefer pre-polishing with abrasive paper for plan and fine pre-polishing of their samples and /or for materials with hardness less than 150 HV for which there is still no alternative.

Rhaco-Grit is a brand of paper with a number of unique features that improves the pre-polishing in comparison with ordinary grinding paper
  • up to 100% and more lifetime on P120 - P320 compared with other leaders on the market, no need any more to use paper P60 or P80
  • better flatness with grains P400-P1200 thanks to a thinner paper
  • for use on traditional systems with clamping ring or with support Aka-Rhaco
  • perfect adhesion with Aka-Rhaco, make obsolete the use of a clamping ring or adhesive paper

2 recommended ways of fixation of Rhaco-Grit

Without magnetic system
With magnetic system and an intermediate metallic support