Diamond disc Piatto (+)

The smart alternative for plane and fine grinding

Aka-Piatto is the perfect choice for materials with hardness greater than 150 HV. Aka-Piatto is a multilayer diamond grinding disc that can replace more than 100 to 200 sheets of grinding paper. Diamonds are so hard that they can cut across all materials with approximately the same depth of cut. The flatness is so much better than with the grinding paper and the following steps are therefore faster / reduced.

Aka-Piatto disks are helping you to achieve your goals of grinding in the best possible way.
  • high material removal = shorter preparation time
  • perfect flatness = short preparation steps and maintaining perfect edge
  • long service life = reduced costs and waste recycling

Plane grinding
After initial activation with a dressing stone, Aka-Piatto brings a high material removal rate and allows absolutely plane specimens with perfect retention of the edges. Depending on the size and hardness of the samples, Aka-Piatto #80, #120 or #220 is used to plane grinding. Normally, one stage of plane grinding is sufficient with Aka-Piatto. Thanks to the perfectly plans obtained sample, it is possible to reduce the following grinding steps.

Fine grinding
As samples are absolutely flat after plane grinding, a fine grinding in one step using a hard drive as Allegran Aka or Aka-Largan can be achieved.
However, the Aka-Piatto #600, #1200 or #2400 can be used in a more traditional way (as for abrasive paper) with several successive stages of grinding. As Aka-Piatto uses water as a lubricant, cleaning between 2 steps is very easy or even useless.

Graphic illustration showing the wear on a classic grinding disc: the whiter the area, the more wear = compare with the 'compensated' surface of Aka-Piatto: a higher density of diamond in the center and on its periphery.

Some significant advantages of Aka Piatto & Piatto +:
  • uniform distribution of the wear due to the variable density of diamond: higher in areas with heavy wear, lower where the wear is less = longer life time & best flatness for the useful lifetime of the disc.
  • made by deposit of islands of diamond coated in a resin on a semi-rigid magnetic stainless steel disc (0.5 mm)
  • surface treatment of the stainless steel disc to increase the adhesion of the islands.
  • high density of small islands to facilitate the circulation of water and the disposal of waste.
  • islands with colors depending on the grain size of diamond, facilitate the identification.
  • thicker metal sheet to facilitate manipulations, increase the magnetic attraction and eliminate the risk of deformation during handling.
  • 3 flaps on the edges for easy removal.
  • available in grains P80 to P1200 (P2400) identical to that used for the paper: to compare with other products on the market, please refer to the grainsize.
  • can be used with magnetic plates or adapter Akasel magnet on standard plate in aluminium
  • Ø available: 200, 250, 300 and 350mm

Aka-Piatto+ is a Piatto but with a higher concentration of diamond for:
  • Aka-Piatto+ is a Piatto disc with a concentration in diamond 2x higher.
  • Aka-Piatto+ has an improved life expectancy and the surface finishing is finer with fragile samples as cermet and ceramic due to the lower specific pressure.
  • with metal samples, it allows also a finer grinding and a longer lifetime until 100% compared to Aka-Piatto.
  • Aka-Piatto+ share all other features of Aka-Piatto like color coding and design for compensation of the wear but is not available in grain 2400

Some examples of polishing with Piatto