content="14/09/2022″/> Digital hardnesstester Micro Vickers 300HVS-1000TAM,10gf~1kg

Digital hardnesstester Micro Vickers 300HVS-1000TAM,10gf~1kg

motorized turret, digital, touch screen, double screen

Digital hardnesstester Micro Vickers 300HVS-1000TAM,10gf~1kg
Digital hardnesstester Micro Vickers 300HVS-1000TAM,10gf~1kg
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Article code300HVS-1000TAM
The 300HVS-1000TAM semi-automatic dual touch screen microhardness tester is equipped with an 8-inch touch screen and a high-speed ARM processor, and equipped with a 15-inch tablet. The tablet controls the durometer processor to perform all operations, set test parameters, display results for more intuitive and convenient operation. The image is magnified and then observed and measured directly on the tablet screen, which effectively reduces operator eye fatigue and micrometer reticle measurement error and improves testing efficiency and accuracy.

Feature & Use
  • the frame uses high-quality cast iron when cast, with the automotive paint treatment process, round and beautiful appearance.
  • the turboworm weight-bearing system improves the stability and accuracy of the test, and does not need to refocus after the test.
  • automatic turret rotation, high-definition measurement, and the combination of 2 observation and measurement lenses combined with the built-in high-definition length measurement encoder to realize one-touch measurement of indentation diagonals can reduce human operation interference and read error.
  • Convenient CNC system, can do full hardness scale conversion automatically.
  • the maximum hardness value and the minimum value can be set, when the test value exceeds the set range, beep sound.
  • hardness value correction function by software, if any hardness value is found to be inaccurate during measurement, you can correct it directly (within a certain range).
  • database, automatically save test data in groups, each group can save 10 data, in total can save more than 2000 data
  • powerful measurement report functions: test data, indentation images and hardness gradient curves can be displayed simultaneously. The hardness gradient curve can be drawn automatically when a hardness gradient test is performed.
  • report header, such as company name and title, can be defined and saved in advance for easy report printing
  • optional CCD image processing system and optional Nux pressure head, Nux hardness measurement.
  • possible communication with a Bluetooth printer
  • can output data via RS232 and USB interfaces.
  • accuracy meets GB/T4340.2-2018 ISO6507-2 and US ASTM E384.

CCD Introduction
  • two calibrations: optical calibration and hardness block calibration (manual/automatic).
  • In addition to automatic measurement, there are three methods of manual measurement: quadruple measurement, diagonal measurement, and four-point measurement (the order of selecting the four vertices can be arbitrary).
  • three shapes of indentation are supported: rectangular box, red cross and round.
  • when measuring manually on screen, a handy magnifying glass function makes it easy to locate the position of indentation peaks. A unique hotkey function allows you to quickly move the position of the selected vertex to make the measurement operation more efficient.
  • the program indicates the distance in pixel compared to the physical distance for the selected indentation diagonal and calculates the HV / HK values ​​in real time according to the test load.
  • support a variety of video capture equipment, resolution: 5 million pixel digital cameras, 1.3~5 million pixel video camera with computer image video display, can capture, store images.
  • can display and update real-time durometer status: current head/target, load application time, load, etc.
  • the distance between two points can be measured manually or multiple groups can be displayed on video or image.
  • the software will automatically select the best calibration coefficient at different resolutions, different lenses and different loads.
  • all test point information can be identified individually or according to customer requirements. The test point identification information will be displayed in the test value sequence table and indentation chart for easy query. This function is very important for further analysis and processing.
  • according to the hardness conversion standards of GB, DIN, ISO, A S and T M, Vickers HV, Nusi HK; HRC, HRA, HRB, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRK; surface Roche: HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T; and the hardness values of HBS and HBW.
  • when measuring the hardening layer path sequence, there are various flexible initialization modes to automatically save and import the previous path sequence; the measuring paths can also be stored arbitrarily for reloading.
  • path sequence measurement results, automatically generate the corresponding hardening layer depth value and hardness change curve diagram.
  • measurement data can be selected in multiple analysis modes; all results, can be set into the graphic report. Report content and format can be flexibly set to automatically generate word and excel documents.
  • passwords and administrative authority can be set: ordinary operators can only measure the hardness according to the set settings.
  • built-in each standard hardness value conversion tool can automatically convert the measured hardness value according to the table and included in the result table.Software is provided with English version.

Technical Specifications
  • testing force:
    * gf: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000
    * N: 0.098, 0.246, 0.49, 0.98, 1.96, 2.94, 4.90, 9.80
  • test mode: Vickers
  • motorized turret 3-position : 2 objectives, 1 Vickers indenter
  • according to standard: GB/T4340.2, EN-ISO6507, ASTME10-18, ASTME-384
  • Vickers hardness measuring system:
    * operating system: WIN 10
    * camera: 1/2", 3 million pixels
    * acquisition: 1280X1024 resolution: 25 frames/second; 640X512 resolution
    * image display: black and white images for better clarity
  • automatic/manual reading:
    * automatic reading time: ± 300 ms
    * resolution automatic measurement: 0.1  μm
    * accuracy automatic measurement: ±0.8% (700HV/500gf, clear image)
    * manual reading 4-point measurement, 2-diagonal measurement
  • result save/output:
    * store/output measurement data and experimental parameters, including D1, D2, HV, X, Y, etc.
    * store/output effective hardened layer depth curve report
    * store/export images
  • indentation measurement: digital micrometric reticle
  • loading control: automatic (loading, dwell, unloading)
  • obective magnification: observation:10x; measurement:40x
  • magnification on of eyepiece: 10x eyepiece
  • total magnification: 100x, 400x
  • resolution: 0.05 μm
  • dwell time: adjustable 1~99s
  • testing range: 1~3000 HV
  • auto hardness conversion: HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRK, HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T
  • X-Y anvil: size: 100x100mm; travel: 25x25mm; resolution: 0.01 mm
  • illumination: halogen or LED light-source
  • max. height of specimen: 90 mm
  • instrument throat: 95 mm
  • power supply: AC220V/50Hz;110V/60Hz
  • dimension(LxWxH): 540x300x520 mm
  • gross/net weight: 53 Kg

Standard delivery
  • Vickers Indenter
  • objectives 10x        
  • objectives 40x
  • eyepiece10x
  • camera 3 million pixels  with C-Mount adapter
  • software Vickers FHV2022
  • 2x hardness block HVx
  • accessories Box
  • X-Y coordinate test anvil
  • sheet holding table
  • flat clamp table
  • filament holding table
  • RS232 data line
  • level screw
  • halogen lamp
  • fuse/power cable
  • anti-dust cover
  • manual