Metallurgical inverse microscope OLM-1

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Metallurgical inverse microscope OLM-1
Metallurgical inverse microscope OLM-1
Metallurgical inverse microscope OLM-1
Metallurgical inverse microscope OLM-1
Metallurgical inverse microscope OLM-1
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Metallurgical microscope inverted for reflected light, only bright field as well as polarized light for all types of reflective samples without limitation of size. Its narrow but stable design saves space on the work surface and all ergonomically arranged controls provide ease of use and ease of manipulation to the operator. Corrected on the infinite, the Plan objectives restore brilliant , contrasted and sharp images, with a very broad fields in combination with the HWF l0x/22 eyepieces. A large diameter of the eyepiece lenses allow an observation without fatigue. The objectives of 'infinite type' does not influence the image. These objectives are corrected for use without glass covers preparation and thanks to their great working distance, they are particularly suitable for the quality control of surface of the raw materials and the finished products in the industry. These microscopes are not planned for the transmitted light. Microscopes can be equipped with objetives Planachromat 5 X, 10 X, 20 X, 40 x, 50 X and 80 x. They have standard output picture for filming by camera.
powerful illumination lamp halogen 50W continuously adjustable ensures the optimum illumination of the materials to be tested.
  • as standard, the OLM range is fitted with a trinocular eyepiece tube.
  • a simple polarising unit (analyser and polariser) is included with delivery.
  • a large mechanical stage is included with delivery as standard. The coarse and fine focusing knob on both sides guarantees optimal adjustment and focusing.
  • further options such as, for example, a large selection of objectives can be integrated as accessories.
  • a dust cover as well as user instructions are included with the delivery.
Trinocular head
  • Siedentopf type inclined at 30 °.
  • diopter adjustment on the 2 eyepieces.
  • adjustable interpupillary distance between 48 and 76 mm.
  • distribution of the path of the rays 100: 0
  • cast aluminum body for very good rigidity and stability.
  • stable with coaxial focus control macrometric and micrometric lowered for better ergonomics.
  • macroscopic stroke 10 mm, microscopic: 1 turn = 0.2 mm.
  • micrometric adjustment graduated in 0.002 mm
  • adjustable movement brake
  • revolver: for 5 objectives, mounted on ball bearings with internal 'click' stop for a soft and ergonomic rotation.
Mechanical stage
  • type 'flat top', 210x180 mm
  • travel: 50x50 mm
  • low-profile coaxial control
  • removable turntable & clamps
Reflected light lighting
  • Köhler halogen illumination 12 volt 50 watt incorporated with iris aperture and field diaphragms.
  • for reflected light illumination in bright background light and simple polarized light.
  • pre-centered lamp with a matt neutral filter and a collecting lens.
  • light blue filter LB100 mounted on slide
  • polarization unit with analyzer and rotating polarizer
  • On/Off + continuous regulation by rheostat integrated in the base of the stand
  • power supply built into the stand with automatic adaptation to mains voltage (100 ~ 240 Vac).
  • 1 eyepiece large field HWF l0x / 22, diameter Ø 30 mm, non adjustable
  • 1 eyepiece large field HWF l0x / 22, diameter Ø 30 mm, with reticle, graduation 0.1 mm
  • 2 eyecups
Objectives (magnification / numerical aperture / working distance):
  • planachromat 5x / 0.13 / 24.2 mm
  • planachromat 10x / 0.25 / 18.5 mm
  • planachromat 20x / 0.40 / 8.35 mm
  • planachromat 50x / 0.70 / 1.95 mm (with spring)
  • dimensions (dxhxw): 747x379x271 mm
  • weight: 12.5 kg
  • packaging with protective cover in polystyrene box
  • guarantee: 3 years

In stock
  • objective planachromat 80x / 0.80 / 0.85 mm (with spring) - OBB-A 1530
  • objective planachromat 100x / 0.90 (dry) / 1.0 mm - OBB-A 1531
  • Colour filter for filter slider, green - OBB-A 1511
  • Colour filter for filter slider, yellow  - OBB-A 1512
  • Colour filter for filter slider, neutral - OBB-A 1513
  • C-mount, coefficient 0.5x (focus adjustable) - OBB-A 1515
  • C-mount, coefficient 1x - OBB-A 1514
  • camera & software
  • cleaning kit for microscope - OCC 901